Erotic Coloring Book by Natali Marly


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Handdrawn coloring book by Natali Marly

Coloring is a popular hobby at this moment in time, but with the stereotype that coloring is for women only. A lot of men love to color as well! However, men want something a little different than the traditional coloring pages tailored to women. Art Therapy Coloring brings you an erotic coloring book for men, with tasteful erotic artistic coloring pages that men (and even women) would find appealing to color.

Coloring Book For Men: Erotic Forest is a fanciful, fantastic adult coloring book that will spark your imagination while engaging your creativity. The lithe, graceful figures of women grace these coloring pages with forest animals as their companions. These erotic forest creatures might not be safe to color at work, but they are in good taste, and none of them are explicit.

An Erotic Coloring Book Men Love!

Anyone who takes up a coloring hobby realizes how beneficial coloring is for lowering stress levels and overall well-being. Some men are not open to the idea of coloring yet because of the stereotypes associated with coloring and because of the feminine subject matter in most adult coloring books.

Most men have not been introduced to an adult coloring book with the right subject matter! When guys pick up this erotic coloring book they will be pleasantly surprised at the subject matter. Husbands can sit next to their wives and color alongside their soulmates!

Instant download Erotic coloring book with 53 pages.
Size of pages 8.5×11 inches. Ready to print.

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